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Griffn International Group

Our competences are:
Business planning and analysis.
Organizing and conducting a competition for selecting the design team.
Control and management of design.
Organizing and conducting a competition for selecting the construction supervision.
Organizing and conducting a tender for construction.
Construction documents and tenders packages.
Supervision of construction.

Griffn Architectural

Griffn Architectural teams believe that Architecture is one of the most important vents of public production, of material culture in general and is closely related with the development of art, science and technology. In class societies, the architecture serves the economic, ideological and social–domestic requirements of the managing classes and reflects their aesthetic ideal. Architecture is called as thus created an environment and creativity in organizing and creativity in it organizing, covering:
Design and construction supervision of buildings under construction, of settlements and open spaces- streets, squares, gardens, parks (urbanization and park arrangement); Preliminary (pre - investment) and volume-structural studies; Development of investment projects; Assist the contracting authority in the implementation of projects; Author’s supervision; Expert activities and consultations; Preparation of executive documentation; Commitments under the warranty terms.

Griffn Design

The design has an important part in determining the future of the world.

Griffn Design creates harmony between your needs and flawless logic of the nterior, residential, administrative and multipurpose area. Specificities of design and aesthetics are in the limitless possibilities of incarnation any imagination, Ability to model and to reincarnate. For design maybe given different definitions – a modern, rational, minimalist, etc. It doesn’t matter what word we will use, it hould always be functional and to improve the quality of our life stile. That is what distinguishes it from art. Griffn Design is a studio specializing in interior and furniture design. Study of each project in great etail, use of innovative ideas and technology, careful chosen materials, all are leading aspects of our work, llowing us to deliver the best possible results for each client.

Griffn VisuALL

Griffin Visuall is specialized in providing animation solutions for the companies needs from different business sectors. Our customers can obtain high quality solutions for their internet and multimedia projects. 3D virtual reality, or even called digital city is of interest both to architects and investors. Animation helps for visualize processes that can not be captured; replace the text explanation for the presentation of various services and products; build realistic models and images; shortens the distance in the relationship user - information and consumer-product. Animated solutions are widely used in advertising, architecture, real estates, engineering design, pharmaceutical, software industry, education, cinema, computer games. An important element in the work of a team is creating a modern, functional and unique Web sites that we maintain and update. The company is engaged in production of advertising products - catalogs, brochures, leaflets, business cards, advertising signs, etc.

Griffn Furniture

Griffn Furniture is a unity of style and quality of the products in the furniture. The main activity is import, export, manufacture and marketing of products for complete furnishing of public, privet and commercial areas. Griffn Furniture is a unity of style and quality of the products in the furniture. The main activity consists in import, export, manufacture and marketing of products for complete furnishing of public, commercial and commercial privet areas. The company holds major market positions, and its name is a symbol of a guarantee of high standard and totally innovative direction in combining uniqueness, comfort and practicality.

Griffn Properties

Griffn Properties is a Bulgarian consulting company, specialized in project management. Expertise and experience that convey to our clients are based on the combination of our depth knowledge of the Bulgarian market, combined with our long – standing local and international experience gained over the years. We give this valuable information to our clients as part of the process of finding the best solution for their business. The company offers qualified and full service including preparation for opening objects (privet real estates, hotels, apartment complexes), including recruitments and training of staff, opening, operation management, management, maintenance, payment of overhead charges, repairs. We take care of your property as we give and organize on behalf of the client properties for rent.