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Griffn International has been established as a Global Management company for Public and Private clientts in 2004; Griffn International use its ingenuity to save its customers money and time, reduce risks, increase efficiency, maximize sustainable outcomes and advance best practice.

We are doing thisthrough innovative thinking and by mobilising cross-sector, international perspectives, drawing on the immense talent and energy of our people – designers, engineers, project and programme managers, management consultants, environmentalists, planners, economists, business strategists, infrastructure finance advisors, public private partnership experts, cost consultants, low carbon specialists, technology experts, safety advisors, health and education specialists, development policy advisors and more. During the end of 90’s, the interestin the Project Management starting to (increase), which resulted in ...

Still, through the ‘90s and into the 2000s, some organizations viewed their PM tools as potential miracle solutions to poorly managed projects. In other instances, project managers became schedulers, meeting coordinators, and note-takers. While these responsibilities are necessary and valuable, they are conventional duties that can be learned by most. As a professional project management consulting company, we’ve focused on shaping the perception of our service, including our ability to lead complex, cross-functional projects within unique environments and cultures. We set ourselves apart with courage, tenacity, and the ability to inspire - attributes of our leadership. Project management tools alone cannot drive successful projects, but dedicated leadership can.

As we look forward to the years ahead, organizations will need to collaborate effectively to dramatically improve processes, synchronize functions, and create nimble cultures that inspire innovative ideas and convert them into competitive advantages. We refer to this as Progress Management, the highest level of project management. Companies will have to embrace a transformational approach – one that assumes that change will not only be constant, but essential to survival and sustainability – to move them to higher levels of performance.

Through effective project management we control and deliver construction projects to cost and on programme, minimising risk whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and maximising investment returns. Project management is at the heart of the core services delivered by our integrated project and programme management consultancy.Later, in 2009, because of Specific market in Bulgaria, Griffin International had to establish different brands of Companies, operating separetaly:

Nowdays, all of the Brands are working successfully under control of Griffn International Group.